Special Transport

Be it a submarine, a concrete beam, a machine or a giant Christmas tree, DVIG takes care of transporting all heavy cargoes exceeding the maximum allowed dimensions.

We provide special transport from whichever location to wherever necessary. The locations are almost the only thing we need from you. The transportation plan and route plan, obtaining all necessary permits, organizing all support services, acquiring additional equipment, escorting with an accompanying vehicle – all this will be taken care of by us. You can forget about the logistical details and paperwork, as this is our concern.

For transporting additional equipment to the autocrane and for haulage, we use a combined trucking vehicle with PALFINGER PK 44002 performance avtocrane. This combined vehicle with an autocrane is very suitable for outdoor and indoor operations due to its considerable lifting capacity (12 tons) and long jib (20 m), reaching 25m together with an additional fly jib.

The vehicle is used for various purposes because it has the possibility of attaching several different trailers or a container. Thus, it can be both a solo vehicle with a common container, a pulling truck or a semi-pulling truck. The choice of the trailer and the procedure itself depends on the weight and dimensions of the cargo.

Truck-low loader
MAN 33.480 (6×4) +low loader13 -19 m
- extenable low loader
- height ofload: max. up to 3,6 m
- lenght up to 23 m
Truck -flat trailer
MAN 33.480 (6×4) +flat trailer 8 - 12 m
- lenghtfrom 8to 12 m
- suitable for containers6 mor 12 m
- capacity 20 ton
Truck with "box"
MAN 33.480 (6×4)
- lenght of box 4,5 m
- capacity 15 ton
Truck with crane
VOLVO 420 (6×4)lenght 4,2 m
- Truck with crane
- lenght of "box"4,2 m
- capacity 8 ton
Tovorno vozilo z dvigalom VOLVO (6×4) + prikolica8 m - tovorno vozilo z dvigalom
- dolžina prikolice 8 m (ravna)
Tovorno vozilo z dvigalom
ACTROS2636 (6×4) + prikolica 11,2 m
- tovorno vozilo z dvigalom
- dolžina prikolice 11,2 m (ravna)
- višina prikolice 1,5 m
Tovorno vozilo z dvigalom
VOLVO 420 (6×4) + nizka prikolica12 m
- tovorno vozilo z dvigalom
- nizka prikolica
- višina tovora do 3,60 m
- dolžina tovora do 12 m
Tovorno vozilo z dvigalom
ACTROS 2636(6×4) keson 3,7 m
- tovorno vozilo z dvigalom
- dolžina kesona 3,7 m
Tovorno voziloz kesonom
MAN 35.390 (8×2)
- tovorno vozilo
- nosilnost 21 ton
- dolžina kesona 7 m
Tovorno vozilo - biling
MAN 33.480 (6×4) + prikolica biling
- za prevoz dolgih tovorovod 20 do 45 m
- prevoz lesenih /jeklenih nosilcev
- prevoz betonskih nosilcev
- nosilnost od 20 do 25 ton

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