With DVIG, you will be worry-free as even the heaviest, most demanding and most critical relocation of production or lift job will be carried out smoothly and without interference.

We do the work others cannot do

It is quite common for us to receive a call when others give up or say that it is impossible to do the job on time. This is actually a waste of time. Wouldn’t it be better to call the one who can definitely do it, in the first place?

We are used to doing things that others do not do, be it too difficult, too high, too dangerous or too fast for them. We are well organized, extremely agile and flexible. Our top-notch relocation experts have thus far solved every task, even the ones deemed "impossible".

We also do what others do. But better.

The most extensive experience, the most professional team 

Anyone can buy equipment. But project implementation does not rely on equipment. It relies on the experience, precision and thoughtfulness of the person operating the equipment.

DVIG is a passionate team of 30 experts under the guidance of the Jeraj family. Our goal is not merely to lift, but to help achieve a business goal in a faster and safer manner. We share a common belief that nothing is impossible. Moreover, we also share a belief that a successfully implemented project is always the result of the sweat and wisdom we invest in the project, not the technologies used.

Challenges are solved by people, not machines.

Complete and worry-free turnkey solutions 

We take the load of worries, so you don't have to. This means that we will be your single point of contact, we will coordinate everything and thereby relieve you of any logistical concerns.

Not only are we special for our surgical precision, but also for comprehensive implementation. This spans the initial consultation and location study, preparation of project design documentation, machine extraction, relocation and re-installation. Everything is done in cooperation with your engineers and upon mutual discussion about the best possible solutions.

Everything we do is to make you feel at ease and secure.

We always strive for the best, never leave things half-done

We do not compromise in our work. We make no distinction between large and small projects. We either go for impeccable implementation or decide not to start the project at all.

We are well aware that your production is of vital importance to you. Any compromise can cost you a lot of money, time and your reputation. If you seriously want to avoid any risk or costly issues, choose a team that features the most extensive experience with the most demanding relocations and migrations. Your peace of mind will never be greater.

No one working with Dvig has ever encountered any problems.

Our team and our equipment are always at your disposal

Thanks to the excellent logistics, we are always available when you need us. Everything needed is available in-house, be it the most experienced team or special equipment.

With DVIG, it will never happen that a project fails due to the equipment being unavailable. We will always make sure that your project will run smoothly, no matter how many of them will take place at the same time.

Magic? No, DVIG.

Let us get to know eachother

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DVIG d.o.o.
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