Mobile cranes

In broad terms, mobile cranes (autocranes) are high-capacity hydraulic machines used for many purposes. They are used extensively in construction as well as in assembling and disassembling various types of concrete and metal constructions. Autocranes are of various dimensions and are used for varied purposes. We have 12 autocranes with capacities ranging from 20 to 200 tons. Several of them are quite new and modern, with more equipment and better capacities; several are of older date as well, still operating perfectly with our regular quality maintenance. Our autocranes differ in capacity and jib length. Every autocrane has hydraulic stabilisers which serve to secure the vehicle on the job site. An autocrane with a shorter telescopic jib has greater lifting capacities; one with a longer jib, however, can reach higher or further, but with a smaller allowed maximum load. The name measurement of the autocrane (20T, 50T) means the maximum allowed load for shortest jib length of the autocrane. With a longer jib and with a possibility of further outreach (radius), the weight of the biggest allowed load decreases. 
We offer autocrane services with maximum capacity up to 200 tons and a total 90 m tip height. All of our autocranes operators are experienced and meet the standards needed to perform this specialized work. 

It is our goal to offer our costumers maximum safety, expertise and reliability from both of the employees and the equipment. We hope that this short presentation offers you an insight into how we could be of your service. 

Image Type mobile crane Max. weight Max. length / radius Max. height of lift Lifting capacities
3 t
3t / 2m 200kg/8m 8m  
mercedes avto dvigalo 10t MERCEDES-ACTROS PALFINGER PK 36002
10 t
10t / 2,5m 1,2t / 18 m 0,6 t /24 m (20+11) = 31m
Avtodvigalo MAN TGS PALFINGER PK 53002
15 t
15t / 2,5m 2,0 t / 18m 0,6 t / 28m (22 + 14 ) = 36 m
Avtodvigalo MAN 26t MAN TGS PALFINGER PK 92002
26 t
26 t /2,5 m 3,8 t / 18m 1 t / 31m (22 + 14) = 36 m
Avtodvigalo MAN PALFINGER PK 92002 SH
26 t
26t / 2,5m 3,8t / 18m
1,0t / 31m
36 m
Avtodvigala LIEBHERR LTM 1025
25 t
25t / 3m 0.4t / 34m 35 m
45 t
45t / 3m 1,0t / 38m 50 m
DEMAG AC 55 City
55 t
55t / 3m 1t / 42m 60m
dvig težkih bremen LIEBHERR LTM 1060/2
60 t
60t / 2,5m 1t / 39m 60 m
Avtodvigalo LIEBHERR LTM 1070-4.2
70 t
70t / 2,5m 1t / 38m 66 m
Avtodvigala in dvig težkih bremen LIEBHERR LTM 1080/1
80 t
80t / 2,5m 1t / 48m 67 m
dvig težkih bremen LIEBHERR LTM 1100-4.1
100 t
100t / 2,5m 0,8t / 58m 72 m
Avtodvigalo GROVE GMK 5130-1
130 t
130t / 2,5m 1,4t / 56m 78 m
150 t
150t / 3m 1,4t / 62m 78 m
Avtodvigala Dvig Vrhnika 200 ton LIEBHERR LTM 1200-5.1
200 t
200t / 3m 1,6t / 66m 90 m

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